I got a surprise today!

Dragged myself to the mailbox this afternoon and pulled out a package casually addressed to me, and figured it was a book from amazon.  NO!!  it was the most darling painting of a little red robin.  Now after I got over my excitement, I became concerned, because I did not order a little red robin painting.  This would mean I had to give it back to someone.  Sadness.  Look at this painting and tell me you don’t love it!    

Inside the package was a business card.  Linda says, well, maybe it is someone who has read your website and sent this to you.  Yeah.  Then she tells me to find out.  Ok, I e-mail Sarah Souders and probably sound a little pathetic, because I really don’t want to give this robin back.  Well, she answered me right away.  It seems, that my Nicholas had commisioned this painting for me, his Mother.  Oh, my heart sings!  Thank you again Nicholas and Sarah Souders, our new friend! 

Take a look , her work is quite eclectic  (which Nick knows is right up my alley)

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