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I am really enjoying painting with watercolor.  Love giving my paintings as gifts and I’ve been selling some in the store on Etsy.


This beautiful blossom is from my white Rose of Sharon AKA Althea


This is Dave, a good friend of mine


I painted this pelican from a picture I took in Galveston, Tx. He just walked right up to me!


These onions are in my garden. You will see the actual pic on my Gardening page


These Wood Violet beauties grow in my backyard of course, but they came from my Linda’s grandmother’s farm in Kansas.

lily to post

And of course the Lily. A favorite flower of mine!


Zinnias, the colors will bring life to your garden from Spring to Fall!


August 5, 2011

Broken china art Quite a few years ago my friend Cindy started making broken china flowerpots.  She taught me and a couple of weeks ago we got together and made a pot.  This activity combines two of our passions, making things and gardening.  Cindy is a lot more organized than I am.  She has an awesome workbench in the garage.                                   This is my Cindy:                                   Here are some shots of her work.  I love it!   I have seen lots of this technique on the internet; this is how we do it; 1 clean clay pot Old towel to break china on w/hammer Tile Adhesive Tile grout (comes in many colors) some has sand in it (sanded) Place your china on a towel and lap the towel over it to avoid flying glass.  Pound to your heart’s desire.  It doesn’t take much, depending on how big you want your pieces, or how much anger you need to release.  Start sticking your pieces on in the desired design w/ adhesive.  It is helpful to have a lazy susan to use, makes turning the pot around a lot easier. After you have put all the china on the pot, let it sit for a day.  Mix your choice of grout in an old bowl or disposable ice cream carton.  You want the consistency to not be runny, but not too thick.  (Wear plastic or rubber gloves to avoid cuts and dryness of skin)  Spread the grout over your pot, like you’ve seen tile floors being laid.   When finished, clean with a damp rag to get the grout off your china.  Let sit another day.  Buff with some steel wool to get that last bit of grout that didn’t wipe off the first time.  Cindy seals her pots with a sealer.  They last more years that way! Here is my finished project: my finished product ***************** July 9,2011

Charles Rather Lasell VIP (very interesting person), BOI (Born on the Island)      A couple of Sundays ago, Nick and I had the pleasure of lunch with Cousin Charles Lasell.  Charlie is perhaps our most colorful cousin!  He has some great stories of growing up on Galveston Island, an incredible knowledge of all types of music & art, and a distinct wardrobe rooted in pure Texas style. Charlie’s dedication to the Island was exhibited during Hurricane Ike.   He had left for the last hurricane and that was such a traffic nightmare, he decided to stay in Big G for Ike. One of his most memorable jobs as a teenager was renting umbrellas and chairs on the beach. Charlie was the epitome of a surfer dude!  Long hair swept across his forehead, Beach Boy style; sun tan, and the girls loved it! Because of this, he remembers the ladies he rented chairs to for sure, but he can also tell you exactly what music he was listening to at the time, the album, and where it was recorded! Now if you were to have a conversation with him today, Charlie would blow you away with his vast knowledge of the music industry, right down to artist’s birthdays and hometowns. On May 25th, since they share the same birthday, he says if you listen closely, you will hear Miles Davis playing “Happy Birthday” on his trumpet. Nick and I met Charlie at Benno’s on the Seawall for lunch.  Just FYI, you must go there; they have the best fried seafood on earth, (yes, I said fried!!) If possible, I think it was fried without oil as it was not greasy at all! The purpose of our trip was to talk to Charlie about another of his passions, art.  Yes, he is an artist.  Charlie has a great appreciation for the arts and I have a great appreciation for Charlie’s art. Charlie is the best beachcomber on earth and he takes what the ocean gives him and creates some of the most beautiful sculptures a beach lover has ever seen. Here are a couple of my personal favorites below;     stunning, large display of gifts from our oceans             Charlie is currently working on several new pieces to sell.  He has one finished and ready for a new home. . *******************************

My friend Steph sent me this beautiful picture she took at her favorite beach, Malibu!******************* Let’s go to the beach!  My favorite get away in the world.  Just returned from Myrtle Beach and it was lovely.  I think I’d like to set myself a goal to visit all beaches in the United States.  Maybe I should limit that to major beaches.  Here is a picture of a fellow we met in Rockport, Texas;  Gotta love these guys, so little and so fierce!     this blue heron was in Rockport as well Anyone planning a trip to the beach?  Or do you have a favorite picture you’d like to share?  Send it to the following address;    If you don’t mind me posting your comments and picture, i would love it. 

One more favorite beach was in Honolulu.  This was the most perfect little spot!               *****************






Easter in Belmont was so much fun.  Nuddy & Pop’s front yard was huge, & full of wildflowers this time of year.  A perfect yard to hunt easter eggs in.  Also because we were in the country, it was not unusual to see a rabbit once in a while, so the Easter Bunny was very alive in Belmont, Texas.  Sometimes we had a big group of kids, and sometimes just little ole me.  The picture below is precious.  Not just because it is me.  My cousins Cindy (pictured) and Sally were so beautiful and “grownup”.    Here we are in our Easter finery. *******************************************************************  What a week, I know I sound like a whiner, I am.  My favorite time in the day is when i get home from work and “stroll” through the yard and garden.  This week I worked extra hard at keeping Tinker inside away from the family of wrens.  She was not happy;         Yesterday, Sat., I took a picture of Mama Wren, and Tinker continued to look out the window all dejected.       I figured sometime this week I would be able to get a snapshot of the babies trying to become airborne…..but no!  They are all gone.   What’s with that?  I never even saw them stumbling around on the ground, I guess something got them last night.  I haven’t seen the Mama at all and the nest is spotless…I must remain optimistic and believe that these were probably gifted birds, that hatched 10 days ago and are now off on their own.  At least I know “my girl” didn’t get them. *************** Look what I found nestled underneath the branches of my firecracker plant look closely!          


I love my camera!  By no means am I, an expert photographer, but by golly, I love it! 



My Father, Eddie Goodman, was a professional photographer in the 1940’s & 50’s.  Before he died in 1957, he worked for the San Antonio Light and did freelance work as well .        


The photo above is Tinker.  You may see quite a few shots of this little girl.  I love her. Share some of your favorite photos with us!

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