Little of this, little of that

I love a collection of vintage items.  It’s fishing season here in Texas, which reminds me of an awesome vintage fishing lure collection I ran across years ago.  Start your own collection by visiting my store:

link on right side of this page. The Grapes of Rather’s Store

Been treasure hunting lately?   I love going to garage, estate, and yard sales.  Sometime back in the early 1990’s I held several sales, and a neighbor reported it to “the people” (?).  Apparently you cannot have more than a designated number of sales, or else you need to have a tax number.  Thus…The Grapes of Rather’s Store was born.

Since we have moved and gotten rid of stuff, I miss scrounging around the house for items to sell.  I miss going to Estate Sales, buying “must have” trinkets and then turning around and selling them! My boys do not miss any of this. Many a Saturday morning, I would drag one boy or the other along with me to go “treasure hunting”.   They hated it the most when i spotted something sitting in someone’s trash on the curb.  Yes, I am not too proud.  My friend Renee, taught me that!

Coming soon…..treasures for sale!


Lately I have taken to sitting at my picnic table in the backyard with my camera right next to me.  Usually I have a bandana with ice, wrapped around my neck, a book,  and a big ole glass of water and I’m good for an hour or so.

 I’ve joked with my man about being old now, because I like to watch birds!  Maybe it is because I have a little extra time.  We had a family of woodpeckers visiting.  There was a couple of pileated woodpeckers and a youngster.  Mom & Pop were big!  I am not kidding, they were at least 14 inches tall.  I didn’t measure them because they scared me to death swooping in and out of my yard.  Here is one;

Then there was a small little guy and we identified him as a red bellied woodpecker.

Now here is a little pic of my girl, Tinker.  She comes out in the back with me sometimes, so I have to give her equal photo ops.          

She is precious. 

Tinker would like to catch this little thief.  He loves to hang around and eat sunflower seeds

Now , I would have to say my favorite creatures in the yard are lizards.  Geckos are really cute but I don’t see them much at our new house for some reason.  This little fellow hangs out by the back door a lot.

Little green frogs are really cute, but you will not catch me taking a picture of a toad.         

Here is the worst thing that happened to me last week:  I killed a snake.  Gag.  He was curled up next to my front faucet.  I called my man all hysterical and he walked me through the assassination.  Shoes on, shovel in hand, I whacked this copperhead’s head right off….

Sorry, just had to share that.  A neighbor brought me a jug of “snake stopper”.  I will let you know if it works.

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